Layola Law School

Dear Student,
We would like to welcome you to Bologna and to encourage you to take a look at our program of Italian Language and Culture.

We know that you will be very busy with your academic program, but we believe that you will be curious about Italy. You will want to learn about the language, the culture and the history of Bologna. Do not worry about not having enough time.
We will plan all of our classes around your accedemic schedule.

The experiences that we had with the class of 2006/2007 was unique and very enjoyable for the teachers of the Anglo American School. The students were enthusiastic about learning as much Italian as possible and very interested in our culture. They couldn’t get enough!

A new addition to the program has been made due to the requests of past students. A seminar in the history and the art of Bologna is now being offered with the language course. This is a great addition to the program that we know you will love!

Take a look at our program and our prices!! You will realize that this is a cultural and linquistic opportunity that should not be missed!

50 hours (36 in class + 14 seminar about Bologna): € 210 + 30 (enrolling fee due once a year).

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